Waitlist Info

For the safety and happiness of the dogs in our care, we limit our capacity each day. This allows us to keep the dog-to-person ratio low, eliminates crowding during group play, and gives us enough time to properly clean the area each day. Due to our low capacity, we carry a waitlist of those who would love to join us when our schedule doesn’t currently allow it. This waitlist is used to fill bookings as they become available. Spots in our daycare program come open when one of our current frequent visitors moves away and stops attending permanently.

What does it mean to be waitlisted? It means we would love to have your dog come be a part of the “pack” and we believe they may be a great fit for boarding or daycare but that we cannot guarantee a spot at the time requested. We make every effort to accommodate as many clients as we safely can, but our waitlist can be extensive at times due to our low capacity and the high demand in the community. We apologize for the inconvenience!

How will I know when there is a spot available? Once your pup has been placed on our waitlist there is no need to contact us again unless you would like to remove their name from the waitlist or if vital information has changed (ex. they were spayed/neutered). When we have a spot available, we will get in touch by whatever method you specified, giving you as much notice as possible. Working down our waitlist can be time-consuming, so in our message to you we may specify how quickly we require a response.

How are dogs chosen off the waitlist for daycare? Our bookings are not always “first come, first serve”. We take many factors into consideration when adding a dog to our daycare program: how long they’ve been waiting, their age, their play style and energy level, their socialization history, their breed, their spay/neuter status, how often the client would like to book in, whether they have an existing bond with any of our current daycare pups, and more. Building balanced, harmonious play groups is important to our mission. We may prioritize very young dogs or dogs who are prior existing clients.