What to bring?

Packing For Your Dog's Boarding Week (Or Weekend) Away!

Shay's Play and Stay recommends you to pack the following items:


Always be sure to pack enough dry food for the length of your dog’s stay, and maybe a few extra days in case you are delayed getting home. You can bring a single bag or container or separate each meal into portion sized bags for each meal. If your dog gets supplements or vitamins, or takes medication with their meals, it can be very helpful to make the prepackaged baggies for each meal and label them for breakfast and dinner. You are also welcome to bring canned food, or food that needs to be refrigerated.


You are welcome to send along a package of your dog’s favorite treats for the staff to give them, or a long lasting chew able treat for down time in their suite after a long day of playing. Or you can add on a Peanut Butter filled KONG or biscuits at bedtime to your dog’s stay as well! More details about add on options for boarding are listed HERE under the a la carte services pricing menu of our website.


As a reminder, Shay's Play and Stay does not accept dogs with Epilepsy, Diabetes, or other life threatening illnesses.

If your pup has arthritis or such please provide all meds WITH WRITTEN OUT INSTRUCTIONS.

Toys, etc.

We suggest that you send along a small t-shirt of yours, or toy that smells like home (these are of course optional). Sending a toy that your dog loves or a small comfy item that reminds them of you will provide extra comfort to your pet during their stay!

If you have additional questions on what to pack or not pack, please refer to our Boarding Do’s and Don’ts list HERE, or feel free to contact the office staff with any further questions.