Home Drop-in Visits ($20-$30 per visit depending on location)

Pet home visits for dogs should you be out for a long period of time during the day, this could be for a variety of reasons, such as to break your dog’s day up, your dog may be elderly and not need a walk but just some company and a potty break, or a puppy who isn’t allowed on walkies just yet. Dog walks can be built into Pet Home visits if required. Whatever your reason – we are here to visit your pets as required.

We will always arrange a free pre-visit to meet and greet your pets and discuss your specific needs. We aim to be as flexible as you require with visit times and we will update you with pictures and messages on how your pets are.

House sitting($20-$30 per visit depending on location)

We are also happy to turn lights on or off as required, close/open curtains, water plants, put your bins out for collection should you require to help keep your home secure whilst you are away.

Cat Sitting ($15-$30 per visit depending on location)

I work with Cats as well!

Leaving your cats in the comfort of their own home is a less stressful option to staying in boarding or a cattery. In addition there is no travel stress for your cat and you don’t have to worry about drop off and pick up times. We can visit as often as required during the day to feed, change their water and cuddle your cats